Bournemouth Floorings

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With a large showroom, Marble and Granite Inspirations can supply your property with a superb range of flooring options of the highest quality. If you require something a bit different from the tired options of carpet and wooden flooring, our Bournemouth floorings service will ensure that your property has flooring that will stand out and last for decades.

Types of floorings in Bournemouth we can provide

At Marble and Granite Inspirations, we believe that installing a high-quality floor into your home will make a remarkable difference and will transform your property into a beautiful place to live. As a company, we believe the little details matter and going for tried and tested options like carpet or wooden flooring will not spruce up your home.

Over the last ten years, we have helped transform many properties of all different sizes with a wide range of options. We can supply the following types of flooring:


Marble is one of the most luxurious flooring options that Marble & Granite Inspirations can provide homes in Bournemouth. Marble has been used as a flooring material since the Hellenic and Roman age due to its beautiful appearance and hard-wearing nature. With good maintenance, marble has the opportunity to last a lifetime.

Our expert staff will help you choose marble in a colour scheme that will match the designated installation area. For more details on our marble flooring.


Granite has long been used as a flooring material, and it offers property owners an opportunity to have their floor decorated in a high-quality material. Granite is a popular option since it is very easy to clean and is a hygienic option. If you look after your granite flooring, it will provide your home with years of wonderful service.

Many customers choose granite as it is available in a wide range of colours and patterns with rich hues that will complement a wide range of homes. More information on our granite flooring services.


Marble and Granite Inspirations can supply quartz for a wide range of properties. Quartz is a popular option with our customers as it is a very hardwearing material that will be a great investment for any property. Quartz tiling will act as a great contrast to the existing features of your room.

For more information on our quartz flooring.

Why choose us?

Marble and Granite Inspirations has over 10 years of experience in providing customers in Bournemouth with a superb Bournemouth floorings service. The combination of supplying a wonderful service using experienced staff that will fit our high-quality products

If you want to live in the property of your dreams, please contact Marble and Granite Inspirations today via our contact us page.