At Marble & Granite Inspirations, we supply our customers with a wide range of worktops and countertops for your home, whether you’re looking for something long lasting or even just to add a luxurious detail, we are here to help.

Kitchen Countertops

For your kitchen countertops, we work with a selection of Marble, Granite and Quartz stones in a variety of colours, customised to suit your demands. They are just a great material to use as a kitchen worktop or countertop specially when preparing a dish on our worktops, you will notice the difference immediately. It is a solid material that can stand up to the rigours of most cooking activity, and it is a wonderful surface if you choose to make pizza or bread.

A huge benefit of installing one of our worktops in your kitchen is that as a material it is very easy to clean. The durability of our stones is world renowned and many great civilisations have used it throughout history. If you take care, it will last a lifetime.

Bathroom Countertops

A bathroom for many customers is a place of relaxation, and we believe that our luxurious worktops and countertops add to the relaxing aura. Our surfaces can be fully customised to suit the design of every requirement whether it is traditional or modern. We can incorporate our stocks to complement existing features within your bathroom.